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BDS Investments

About Us

Our Philosophy...

 Our business philosophy is simple and it is meant to be that way. Anyone on our team can make decisions easily by referring to our philosophy as a guiding compass. It is easy to remember and apply. 

Do the right thing 

Most people instinctively know what the "right thing" is. As a clarifying guideline, we instruct and explain it as follows; If your next action or response to a situation was to be written up on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper, what would you want the headline to say?

Do the best you can 

We are not perfect people, and our business success is not predicated on our employees being perfect. We simply set the standard as "The best you can", which may seem vague to our team. To clarify we add; If we as bosses were to follow you around all day long, and at the end of the day we criticized your performance and you can look us in the eye and honestly say "shove it, that's the best I can do," you have met the standard.

Show them that you care 

Over the years we have noticed that tenant's have not required perfection from us either. They do want to know that we care and that we are doing the right thing when faced with a choice, and doing our best to satisfy their needs. We care enough to work on over delivering, as we want people to feel that they have always gotten more than they expected at the outset.  

Our Vision

One day the landlord tenant relationship will be an extremely positive one. Property owners and managers will serve their tenants and constantly be looking for ways to meet tenant needs even better. Tenants will appreciate that renting an apartment is an economical way to have a comfortable, well maintained place to live without the hassles of ownership. The tenants will perceive owners and managers as loyal service providers and trust-worthy advisers versus trying to get away with doing as little as possible and being uncaring.  

Our Mission

 is to raise the standards for all property owners and managers. While we do not control the market, we can raise our own standards and maintain a high level of performance. This will get others to copy us in order to compete and get ahead of others. Eventually, when enough owners and managers have raised their standards, the remaining ones will have to follow suit in order to survive.